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What about all of these non-partisan races? The amendments on the ballot? Who should I vote for? Are there any voter guides? 

The Louisville Democratic Party doesn’t endorse in non-partisan races. However, below are some resources of Democratic aligned organizations to help guide you in making the best choices in School Board and Judicial races and to learn more about all of the candidates on the ballot.  

How do I know what candidates will be on my ballot? Circuit and District Judicial candidates in Jefferson County are in Circuit or District 30, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are District 4. All judicial candidates are for the entire Jefferson County.
 School Board member districts are here
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The Fairness Campaign Endorsements

Kentucky AFL-CIO Endorsements

Greater Louisville Central Labor Council Endorsements

Louisville Standing Up for Racial Justice Judicial Endorsements

Better Schools Kentucky Endorsements

Voter Guides

Amendments 1 and 2

We recommend voting NO on amendment 1 and 2

Amendment 1 usurps the power of the Governor, and allows the legislature to call themselves into special session at any time- at $65,000 per day. This would also undermine the ability for regular people to serve as it would require immediately availability to go to Frankfort at any time. Vote NO on Amendment 1 

Amendment 2 would make abortion  illegal even in the cases of rape or incest in Kentucky.
Vote NO on Amendment 2


Want a Candidate’s Sign? 

Charles Booker Request form

Morgan McGarvey for Congress Request Form

Craig Greenberg for Mayor Request Form

For local campaigns you can check their websites, or often faster- reach out to their Facebook Messenger to reach them directly. 

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