2021 Kentucky Democratic Party Re-organization  

Click to find your legislative district and precinct. It is needed when you register to be part of the Party Reorganization.

Reorganization Overview

Reorganization is the process of electing new  people to roles within the Kentucky Democratic Party, from the precincts to legislative districts and, finally, to the state level. Democrats who get involved elect the leadership of the Jefferson County and Kentucky Democratic Parties. The party is YOU! All Jefferson County Democrats who are registered to vote prior to April 8, 2021 at their correct address, can participate in the precinct conventions.

This process normally takes place during presidential election years; however, because of COVID-19, we moved it to 2021. Because we are still in a pandemic, all meetings, nominations and voting for Reorganization will take place virtually. In all steps, we are enabling Democrats to participate via electronic nominating and voting, or over the phone.

Where we are now in the Party Re-organization process

  • See how won the precinct committees and chair positions here
  • Legislative District Nominations take place between April 29 – May 10, 2021. If you voted in the precinct elections, you will receive a ballot in your email. 
  • Congressional District Nominations are open between June 5-26
  • State Convention June 26

Confused?  Read more here for a deeper dive, but get involved! All Jefferson County Democrats are wanted and needed to build the party. We have big elections coming soon, and it will take all of us. 

Important Dates 


All in person events are cancelled until further notice.

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