Voting in the Kentucky Primary this year

First— Check your voter registration.

Is the address right? Your name? Do you need to register? This needs to be completed by 4pm May 26th. 

To Request Your Ballot

  • You will receive a postcard from the Secretary of State around May 22, 2020. This postcard will contain information about how to request a ballot online or by phone. This card will not be forwarded, so if your address or name is not right, update your registration. It is very important to have the correct address with your registration. If the card is returned, it will be noted by the Board of Elections on your registration that the address is not correct.
  • Go online to the web portal at or call the number on the card to request a ballot.
  • Your ballot will arrive with postage prepaid to return it.
  • You MUST request a ballot by June 15, 2020 for it to be mailed to you. After June 16 you must call the County Clerk to pick up a ballot. 
  • Fill out your ballot and drop it in the mail NO LATER than June 23, 2020. Your ballot must be postmarked by June 23, 2020.
  • There will also be drop off locations for your ballot that will be announced soon.

What about getting my ballot at the Jefferson County Clerk right now before the Kentucky Board of Election portal opens? 

Although you can request an application for an absentee ballot prior to the Board of Election portal opening at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office, this process is more complicated with an extra step of the clerk sending you a paper application that must filled out completely (and it can be a little confusing) and returned by mail with a stamp to receive your ballot. You skip a step if you wait until the online portal and new systems are up and running around May 22, 2020. That said, if you feel confident that you will return the paper application, you can request your ballot application:  

online at

phone 502.574.6100

In-Person Voting— Early and on Election Day

There will be very limited in person voting for the 2020 Primary Election. The only place for voting on June 23rd will be the Exposition Center at the Fairgrounds.  You will NOT be able to go to your usual polling place on Election Day to vote.  

If you possibly can, vote by mail or early. It is anticipated that lines could be long at the fairgrounds

You can vote in-person early by making an appointment with the clerk’s office.You can call for an appointment at 502.574.6100. In-person early voting will be between June 8 and June 22. 



All in person events are cancelled until further notice.

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