Women Deliver Democracy Awards

Women Deliver Democracy Awards

September 22, 2020 11:30-1pm

Outstanding Democratic Woman of the Year Award

Beth Thorpe

As a digital communications strategist, Beth Thorpe is the behind-the-scenes impetus of multiple successful, results-oriented democratic campaigns throughout the state that reflect her goal to flip the State Legislature back to blue. She is also the  Communications Chair for the Louisville Democratic Party.

Georgia Powers Lifetime Achievement Award


Mary Allgeier was born into a devotedly active Democratic family, and since age 12, has been supporting Democratic endeavors through multiple club memberships, especially her 40 plus years in leadership roles with the Democratic Woman’s Club and her long-term membership on the Executive Committee of the Louisville Democratic Party.

Rising Star Award

Nima Kulkarni

A naturalized citizen, Nima Kulkarni knows the challenges faced on the road to citizenship and through her law firm, assists immigrants in fighting deportation or assists those people striving to seek citizenship. She also represents District  40 in the Kentucky State Legislature.

Our SpeakerS

Carly Muetterties

Carly Muetterties is the executive director of the Kentucky Council for the Social Studies and a recent PH.D. graduate from The University of Kentucky in education sciences. She is the author of the forthcoming children’s book, “Bluegrass Bold” which focuses on contributions made by women of Kentucky.

Representative-Elect Pamela Stevenson HD 43

A retired Air Force Colonel, Pamela Stevenson is a native of Louisville and currently the Representative-elect for district 43, making her the second woman of color to currently serve in the Kentucky state legislature. She recently established the not-for profit Stevenson Law Center.

Our Sponsors

Our sincere gratitude to our sponsors for their support of our virtual event:

 Georgia Davis Powers Patron

Congressman John Yarmuth

Skipper Martin

Rita Osborn

Martha Layne Collins Host

State Representative Mary Lou Marzian

Robert Brown

Emma Guy Crowell Sponsor

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell
Debbie Barber

Brian Caudill

Greg Caudill

David Clark

Floyd’s Fork Democratic Club

 Susan Dorten Jarl

Jeff. Co. Democratic Woman’s Club

Lisa Norkus

Alexandra Owensby

Sandra Renner

Constance Story

United Steel Workers District

Bobbie Jo Weber

Virginia Woodward


State Senator Karen Berg

State Senator Perry Clark

State Representative Reginald Meeks

Jefferson County Circuit Clerk David Nicholson

Virginia Buchenberger

Sean Delahanty

Ann Ellerkamp

Patria Fielding

Jeff Grammer

Sheron C. Lear

Donna Levy

Anne Maron

Paula Schenk

Patty Stocker

John Sutton

Markus Winkler

Susan Zimlich

Candidates and Elected Official  Hosts

State Representative Tina Bojanowski ………KY House District 32


State Representative McKenzie Cantrell……KY House District 38


Crystal Chappell………….. KY House District 15


Lori Goodwin  JC Judge Family Ct.Div 3


Judge Ellie Kerstetter……..JC Judge Family Ct. Div 3


State Senator Morgan McGarvey     KY Senate District  19


State Representative Josie Raymond………… KY House District 31


State Representative Maria Sorolis……..KY House District 48


State Representative Lisa Willner……….KY House District 35


Thomas Wine….. Commonwealth’s Attorney