Get involved! Your Legislative District

Your Legislative Chair, Vice Chair and At-Large Chair

Your Legislative Chair, Vice Chair and At-Large Chair are the Democratic County Party elected leaders for your area and are who are in charge of Democratic organizing in each district . Do you need to find yours? Click the map below to find your Legislative District

Would you like to reach out to your Legislative Chair or interested in serving in your district with openings?  Click Here

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Louisville Democratic Party Board Chair
Virginia Woodward

Louisville Democratic Party Vice Chair
Logan Gatti

Daniel Quinn

Betsy Foster

Legislative District 28

Chair: Almaria Baker
Vice Chair: open
At-Large Chair open

Legislative District 29

Chair Brenda: Erickson
Vice Chair: Bob Erickson
At-Large Chair: Matthew Pfaadt

Legislative District 30

Chair: Jim Stammerman
Vice Chair: Sara Turpin
At-Large Chair: Tom Burch

Legislative District 31

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Chair: Ruth Gao
Vice Chair: open
At-Large Chair: open

Legislative District 32

Chair: Brian Sutton
Vice Chair: Mary Wurtz
At-Large Chair: Jeff Barr

Legislative District 33

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Chair: Cindy Corbitt
Vice Chair: Charlie Todd
At-Large Chair: Karen Fenton

Legislative District 34

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Chair: Kathryn Hargraves
Vice Chair: Carl Bensinger
At-Large Chair: Donna Levy

Legislative District 35

Chair: Virginia Woodward
Vice Chair: Dr. Valerie Harris Weber
At-Large Chair:

Legislative District 36

Chair: Ted Michalik
Vice Chair: Mary Michalik
At-Large Chair Leslie Harbold

Legislative District 37

Chair: Jeff Donohue
Vice Chair: Open
At-Large Chair: Open

Legislative District 38

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Chair: James Hughes
Vice Chair Beth Thorpe
At-Large Charlie Horton

Legislative District 40

Chair:  Alena Balakos
Vice Chair: McLean Shutt
At-Large: Brandon Brooks

Legislative District 41

Chair: Mike Ward
Vice Chair: Lisa Tanner Norkus
At-Large Chair: Betsy Foster

Legislative District 42

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Chair: Logan Gatti
Vice Chair: Open
At-Large Chair: David Andrews

Legislative District 43

Chair: Queenie Averette
Vice Chair: Mark Mitchell
At-Large Chair: Lutisha Buckner

Legislative District 44

Chair: Beverly Chester Burton
Vice Chair: Dwan Williams
At-Large Chair: Kimberly Cecil-Jones

Legislative District 46

Chair: Rosalind Welch
Vice Chair: Open
At-Large Chair: Rep. Al Gentry

Legislative District 48

Facebook Group

Chair: Patty Stocker
Vice Chair: Nick Holmes
At-Large Chair:  Maria Sorolis